Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Big Changes to the Schedule

Hey family.....how are you all? Things in Huanuco are going well. This last Wednesday all the missionaries attended a world wide mission broadcast. We heard from Elder Oaks and Bednar as well as other leaders. The main focus was on teaching repentance and baptism. Then they announced changes that will allow missionaries to customize their own schedules, of course with the approval of your mission President. They want us to be more of a free agent. We also now do our planning in the mornings which is such a blessing. Coming home after a long day and having to sit down and plan for the next day sometimes can be challenging. They also told us that p-days begin at 8 AM! 

So after the training, President Silva talked to all of us about the changes and then gave a little training on his own.  President Silva is a very spiritual leader and is very inspired. I truly love listening to him. He told us that we weren't going to be doing much schedule training but there are going to be changes with recording numbers. There are four key indicators that the missionaries report to us.......baptisms, baptism with a date, who came to church and new investigators. So reporting contacts and lessons are no more. Crazy stuff!! So we'll see how it this goes!

We were able to see Neyra this last week a lot. She's going to be leaving for Lima for a month. She is so awesome! She already has a testimony of this gospel. We just have to wait patiently to baptize her when she returns in March. She will be a solid member of the church.  She loves reading the BOM! We also visited a guy named Angelo. Angelo is 30 years old, kind of a hippy.  He's really a great guy but we've really struggled with helping him progress towards a baptismal date. So we decided to take a step back and do a lesson on trying to figure out what was holding him back. We must have been inspired to do this because the Spirit was there helping us out. We were able to find out that Angelo is scared and wants to feel clean from all the mistakes he has made in his life. It was really such a cool lesson. I know how important it is to really get to know the people you are teaching. It makes the lesson 100x's more gratifying to find out how we can help them.  I was so excited to see that Angelo made it to church.  Hopefully this week we will be able to find some new people .  

Reflection of the week:  I have learned so much out here in the mission. One of the biggest things that has brought me such a sense of peace is that I have learned to sincerely love my mission president. I've learned to cherish every moment on my mission, even the hardships. The mission has changed me so much and I will live this gospel till I die. Thank you mom and dad for everything! I LOVE YOU ALL! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Huanuco 2017

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